Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came Early for our March Tasting!

Just a few days ago we had our March tasting. Just about 50 of our closest friends were there with us.

And not only did we serve a incredible menu inspired by the freshest ingredients of the season, but we were a little naughty too with a Root Beer Float station outside by the lake.

Beef Tenderloin on a Blue Cheese Walnut Cracker and Grilled Cheese Sammies with Tomato Soup Shots... YUMMY! And the crowd favorite was - wait for it- Three Cheese Pasta Purses in Coconut and Habanera Cream. If you've had that dish, I know you're not surprised.

And the Easter Bunny paid us an early visit, as well. He left each guest a Take- Home treat of Easter candy to go with Chef's Apricot-Pistacchio White Chocolate Bark and her Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs. Easter is definitely my favorite holiday!